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Wednesday, June 24, 2009 | 3:05 PM


The Webmaster Central team does our best to support the webmaster community via Google's Webmaster Tools product, our Help Center, the Webmaster Central blog, our YouTube videos, our forum, and a fellow named Matt Cutts.

However, we know users want to share their ideas, and we've seen the impact user feedback has had on Google Mobile and Blogger, so the Webmaster Central team set out to open up Product Ideas. Given the recent launch of our new user interface, this is a great time to ask for feedback and further new ideas.

If you've got ideas and suggestions for Webmaster Central - features you want, things we can do better - tell us! From now until Friday, July 24, 2009, Product Ideas for Webmaster Central will be open for feedback. Every suggestion you add will be seen not only by the Webmaster Central team, but by other users and webmasters. We'll review every submission, and we'll update you regularly with our progress and feedback.

The more feedback the better, so get started now.

Sagar Kamdar, Product Manager, Webmaster Tools Team


Anonymous said...

I was looking for other place to live massage I couldn’t find it so I am writing here, excellent idea with these options for search result (moving up or del).
To make this more personal, can we have the some option with editing search results in web history under my login to email.


Admin said...

Google Massage - What a concept!

Admin said...

Oops - I'm not the admin of this blog - It's just picked up the default from Blogger.. Sorry for any confusion

Jeremy said...

1) Notify us if the site is being punished for black hat-looking activities. It'd save you from doing reconsideration requests, and would be much better for users because it'd expedite site fixes. It seems illogical that we'd just have to guess at whether there's a problem or not.

2) The page that tells us how our site fares for specific search terms is great. I'd love to get a side by side comparison of each term over time, so that I can create valuable content for search users' specific needs.

TwoInTents said...

You're not accepting new ideas on your website. This is a bad move. I've got lots of ways you can serve me better, but I'm going to talk to Bing because they are listening. It's a shame - I like Google.

Meaning of friends said...

Webmaster central is an excellent tool but there is a small problem in it while in the process of verification like in the meta code to be installed is given like(less than sign)meta ....(greater than sign) but at the end (less than sign)/meta(greater than sign) is missing which make it difficult for blogger template to save the edit in template (most of the people do not know about codes)

jazzy vargas said...

hi my name is jazzy and think Webmaster central is the best think eva! keep up the goog work!

yndk33 said...

Ideas finished in July so why is it stll there inviting comments

Amit said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Amit said...

Dear Google Team,

Some body using this Google Services as wrong way.

I am getting 100 of msg by "09773300000" google number , may be somebody misusing this service.

Is there any way to avoide these msgs on my Mobile number .
Becoze this is creating lots of trouble to me.

My frnds advise me to file a Cyber crime FIR regarding this .

But i want resolution in simple way.

please help !!

Thankes in advance !!!

Amit said...


Anonymous said...

GSM: Global System for Mobile Communication- then band width of GSM mobile system is 900 M Hg

Techno-share said...

guys, I have an idea. I believe in about more than billion customers use your mail servers. now if there is a feature , " sort by size" we can delete all the unweanted big e-mails. this will save data storage, ennergy.. this is an ecological idea

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