Product Ideas - Now for Blogger!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009 | 4:39 PM

Product Ideas for Google Mobile has shown us that users like you have great feedback and enjoy sharing it with the world. As you have seen from previous blog posts, you've shown us that you care about location sharing through Google, access to documents on your phone, and more. We've listened to these ideas, and now we're excited to open this up for another Google product, Blogger.

From now until Friday, May 14th, Product Ideas for Blogger will be up for users to share their great ideas, issues, feature requests, and even their favorite blogs of note. Just like other Product Ideas series, you'll be able to submit your own idea and then vote on the ideas of others. The Product Ideas Team will be here from time to time to check in, and we'll be updating you once the series is done.

So, don't wait until May 14th to submit your idea. Start sharing your thoughts to the world today!


t said...

My suggestions:

(1) A iPhone version of my Blogspot Blog. When they view on iPhone it should redirect to an iPhone version. Tumblr has one on so Blogspot should too!

(2) Adsense for Custom Search within the template for Blogspot blogs, this can only be done on Wordpress not Blogspot!

(3) View count for each post

(4) Related posts

(5) Static pages

(6) Contact form

t said...

I've submitted my suggestions. I have faith in the Blogspot team. Please vote for my suggestions! Go to and vote the suggestions you like. Thanks!

chessinmind said...

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Chad said...

I'm very glad you're doing this!

My main problems with Blogger are:

1) You can't disable the navbar. It doesn't look professional on your blog. I'm ready to pay a reasonable fee for a "paid version" of Blogger without the navbar, if it comes to this.

2) Custom domain problems - I bought my domain at third party registrar and not through Blogger, and yet I can't publish to "naked domain" (no www). As with the previous point, I'd even pay a reasonable fee to be able to do this. Plus I ran into the dreaded "Another blog is published at this address" problem and can't fix it no matter what I do.

Of course I submitted these to the Product Ideas site too - just wanted to see what others think about these issues.

Chad said...

Before I forget, here's a third point:

3) Comment moderation - Blogger needs a better comment moderation panel, an automatic spam filter (such as Akismet or BadBehaviour) and possibly cool new comment features such as Gravatar support (really easy to implement).

Jmerts said...

Allow voice record comments that will limit only to a certain min or sec

André Felipe said...

My wishes:

#1 Bring the old feed widget back. It requires javascript to work now, and Google won't see the links generated by it, which is not good for us who used it to display our last posts.

#2 Posts summaries without css/js hacks to avoid duplicated content detection by Google.

#3 Add template tags to show the actual titles of previous and next links instead of "older" and "newer".

#4 Clean up the code to make blogs faster and standards-complaint. For instance:
a) Replace & by its HTML entity within URLs (like those of the older/newer links).
b) Remove the cluttered code generated by templates and widgets, which have a lot of blank space and non-used classes. said...

Its already passed May 13, is google counting the votes now?

Rob said...

When will any announcements be made and where will they be made?

If you don't mind me asking ;o)

Richard said...

How do I call 800-goog-411 from my blackberry?

Adriel said...

I didn't know that this was going on, but I have a suggestion. I know it's passed May 14th, and I just wish I'd known sooner.

I used to be a part of a different blogging community. In that community, there were three or four regular Joe Bloes who the administrators "worked with." Every day, a list of all new blogs was complied, split up between these guys, and URLs sent to them. These guys would then greet, subscribe to, and become friends with the new blogger, to make them part of the community. They ran special blogs that were just a community gathering place. Each day, a short essay on something in today's society was presented, followed up by a question that stimulated debate/conversation. Those few sites were a great way to meet other bloggers, discover who thought like you and who didn't, and become good friends with people on the other side of the world. The main thing I miss about that blogging community was that sense of community. Sure, I've found a few of my friends here on blogger. But I want to find more friends without having to scroll through a million blogs, hitting "next blog," just to find five or six people that I could potentially be friends with.

If blogger would consider setting some kind of informal situation like this up, I'd be more than willing to make one of my blogs one of those community places for discussion.

Ismail said...

Please introduce you are missing a trick here is far too long winded is more uniform with gmail. Also as you do not recycle user ids all the popular ids seem to be taken. The Great people of the UK are yearning to join the Great people of the USA in the gmail email revolution!

André Felipe said...

Great Ismael, this post is about Blogger, not Gmail. Anyway, take a look at this:

Anonymous said...

I love the simplicity of Bowman's Minima template, although, I wish there was an option to choose a 3-column Minima. Any chance of a little template tweaking?

Kc's Biz Niche said...

l feel that google that has done wonderfully well so far by provding product ideas. l feel that more has to done on the adsense custom template for traffic search on blogspot.

Benoît Cicchelero said...

Sadly I noticed this opportunity too late, so I'll just park it here.

* Basicly it stretches what Picasa is already doing for images from Blogger to other services. Meaning that every bit of information can be sent to a service that keeps an overview for it. Like Delicious could do for links.

Perhaps even with a Google sites archive interface that regroups all those new suggested entries for building a quick reference based on your content. To which you could add sources from other blogs.

* In general I love the improvements untill now, but I'ld love to see some wysiwyg buttons on the comment box.

* The ability to create dateless blog posts that don't display among them either. They could be used as pages to put some general info on.

Drachsi said...

I have posted to the Coffee shop on Blogger help, but had no useful replies. This was my request.
"There is a certain Blog name I would like. It was registered in 2003 and has not been touched since. There seems no way to contact the original owner. Does Blogger have any possible solutions?"

The Blog was started in 2003 by a student, with no contact information (should always be available (idea)) The student left the Uni and I guess the email address was cancelled

Basically the message was forget it, Blogger never deletes old Blogs

What would happen if every Blogger registered 5-10 extra Blogs and
then did nothing with them? Would Blogger not set a time limit, or does it have unlimited money to keep increasing storage capacity and staff to look after all the empty Blogs?

What is Google reaction to this problem?

This is really a suggestion, put a time limit on unused Blogs and let us have the names we want that are unused. I can supply the one Blog name I would like if needed.

I hope you can reply to this suggesstion.


Paramendra Bhagat said...

(1) Total integration with Google Analytics.
(2) The navigation bar at the top is so much wasted real estate. I want to run ads on there. AdSense ads.
(3) Search option also for private blogs. If I can search through my private Gmail account, why not my private blogs?
(4) Buy Zemanta and integrate it completely to Blogger.
(5) Buy Disqus and integrated it completely to Blogger.
(6) Take a Zemanta/Disqus attitude to the navigation bar.
(7) What if I want to publish a 30 minute video? YouTube only allows for five minutes. I miss Google Video.
(8) A way to display the most popular blog posts on the side bar.
(9) A self-generated site map.
(10) Let's get creative with templates, way more creative. Let's play with that rectangle, big time. Open it up like Android and Wave. Let the crowds hack at it.
(11) Allow for the creation not only of blogs but also blog communities.
(12) Do a better job with Links To This Post. My internal links are not showing, or at least not most of the time. Also true for external links.
(13) Show titled links to newer and older posts for each blog post.
(14) The blog is taking too long to download. Can you speed things up?
(15) Closer Picassa, YouTube, Google News, BlogSearch integration. I want all my blog posts to be multi-media. And I want to do it all from my Blogger Dashboard while composing my posts.
(16) Do not snuff out Google Pages. Google Sites is not Google Pages. Yes, this is related to Blogger. Sometimes I want to publish pages like regular webpages not blog posts that I can link to from my blog posts.
(17) Do not delete old blogs.

André Felipe said...

Paramendra Bhagat:

1) You just have to copy'n'paste the code.

2) You may place ads anywhere you want.

3) I haven't tried this yet. Are you sure that the default search feature doesn't work?

4/5/6) Zemanta and Disqus work on many other blogging systems, and Google isn't going to keep all of them for free.

7) This post is about Blogger, not Youtube, and I'm sure it allows you to post videos longer than 5 minutes.

8) Finally, we agree about something. :p Anyway, if they did it, they'd use javascript/ajax (like they did with the feed widget :( ), and it wouldn't be good for search engines.

9) You may use your feed url with special parameters as a site map.

10) You may create templates in the way you want.

11) That's what Google Connect is for.

12) If external links aren't showing, it's your fault.

13) This was your best suggestion. I strongly support it. :D

14) If it's slow, probably it's your fault. Remove widgets that use a lot of Javascript and optimize your CSS and template codes.

15) It'd be nice for many people. :)

16) Why linking to a page in an external service? They should allow us to create stand-alone pages within Blogger.

17) They must delete old (unused) blogs. There are many out there that people created only for testing, and new users could make a good use of those domains. said...

I seriously want a better commenting system similar to wordpress. If possible please give this to us as another option for commenting. Thanks.

卓玛拉姆 said...

but why there's not version in french or the other languages? it's a pity.... wish there'll be asap..

Jeremy said...

well 1st idea
please publish this app in hong kong app store!!!!!

Anonymous said...

blackberry or mobile version of blogger is much much needed

Arul said...

My suggestion:

Give the rss feed for my comments... the reason is i can't remember where i commented.. give me a comment feed for when i comment using google account... that feed contains the my comment and post name or url and summary of the post.. that may helpful to the blogger user.. we can use the feed url for our need..

Note: sorry for my bad English. i hope u understand my suggestion.

Kevin Sandlin said...

I LOVE blogger because it's just so easy to use. I've tried Wordpress, movabletype, and others. Blogger is simpler for the 100% non software developers in the world, like me.

But what WP and MT offer is real content management system for a complete web site, not just a blog.

Blogger allows me to pub my blog to my own domain, so BloggerCMS should be already on the radar.

TRiG said...

I see this blog has a decent comment box. Many nowadays have a completely crappy one. You cannot use the arrow keys. You cannot paste text, you cannot select text to copy it to the clipboard before submitting it in case anything goes wrong with the form submission.

And if you turn off javascript the entire comment box disappears. The whole thing's a mess. Please get rid of it.