Labeling in Gmail for Android, iPhone browsers

Tuesday, June 9, 2009 | 3:12 PM

You've always been able to view your labels in Gmail for mobile, but you asked for the ability to apply and remove labels on messages. We listened. Last month we added more advanced support for labeling in Gmail for mobile when accessed in the browser on an iPhone or Android-powered device.

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"There's no way to add a label to your Gmail messages on iPhone."
Go Bears!, San Jose, CA

Official Google Mobile Blog post:

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The Product Ideas Team


Ian M said...

Using GMail's label colours in the mobile app's labels would be very nice.

Rajesh said...

In case of emergency like anything
where phone is not reachable, one can send email message, but the ringe tone/or vibrating mode should be something different to identify the same from usual one.

Abel said...

Android and iPhone are wonderful... but what about the majority of us that use Blackberries?

harryb said...

labelling is nice - but how about something very basic - like being able to copy text out of an email message. Do you know how unbelievably irritating this is?

In order to use a phone number in gmail on my blackberry that I don't want to forward to my work email I need to write it down on a piece of paper and then key it back in!

Gina said...

Can we get the emails sent as text messages for those of us who do not have internet access on our mobile phones?

Anonymous said...

When are yopu guys going to show as much enthusiasm and lack of bias towards the Symbain OS?

anil said...

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anil said...

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