Product Ideas for Google Images now open

Tuesday, October 27, 2009 | 4:02 PM

If you could change one thing about Google Images, what would it be?

We want to know your answer to this question, so that's why we're launching a Product Ideas page for Google Images today. This page lets you post your ideas and see what other users are suggesting at the same time. If you like their suggestion, vote for it!

With Product Ideas for Google Images, your ideas will be seen directly by the Google Images team and others using Google Images. This is your chance to influence the development of the product. We'll be keeping a close watch to see which ideas float to the top of the list.


Gautam said...

I have an idea for Google Alerts. I want to tell it someone with authority in Google. Please let me know to whom I can talk to.


dennis said...

yes,it would be nice to make a solar cell phone. also make it avaiable at a reasonable price. make it rugged and tuff,water proof.i have used alot of cell phones and the voice reconition is no good.on any phone. instead of towers use a satealite just like the goverment does. navy seals has a very unique cell phone. something to think about. just a good ideal. we may allready have this device. the gov. does.the battery life on most phones get weaker the more you use them. thanks the visual man.

Smally On The Rocks! said...


I have an idea for Google Scholar. Plz have the option for returning the search results sorted by time (year of publication) in ascending and descending order. I face some problem looking through all the different years.


Smally On The Rocks! said...

Also, if possible, plz have a list of query suggestions in Google Scholar. They help a lot in normal web search and image search. I want similar functionality in Scholar.


Anonymous said...

I Have Got Two Ideas For Google Images:
"I Think There Should Be Roll Over Button That Shows A Larger Preview In A Box."
"I Think Google Images Should Also Contain Images From Picasa Web Albums."



sc_rch said...

if you guys ever "pick" an idea and implement it, will you mark it or indicate it as a "winner"?


(that would be really cool!)

David said...

I like Google411 and would like to see it expanded to a white pages type 411. Where I could put in the city and state, give the name and have it autodial the home number.

robert_demarco said...


I'd like to see my google home page covered by little screens. The screens would be links to my favourite pages, hence no need for favourites and scrolling down for recently used addresses.


Jerry de Concilio said...

correspondence between words (tags) and content of the photo: filter for the actions of users (contributing reporting inappropriate photos)

Rich said...

As a Pro Photographer, my concern is when people search for images, they tend to use them, without permission This is usually a © Copyright violation. If next to each image you could add the TinEye If the image is © by a photographer, then it would be a violation to use this for those who cared enough to find out. And would take Google out of the legal loop as they had offered the option. Do a good thing.

Victor said...

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Snivel said...

This feature is probably a Placebo. I say this because many people have been asking for the Chat / Enable Chat SideBar to be removed for months now but Google is just not listening.

cnovam said...

Buenas tardes estimados amigo, reciban un cordial saludo me ha parecido muy completo y fácil de usar Google Ad Planner, ya he incluido mis sitios y si necesitan alguna otra ayuda de mi parte no duden en enviarme un correo, me parece muy completo este nuevo segmento ojala todo lo aprovechen, de verdad los felicito y siempre mantenerse así innovando es la única manera de ir de cara al futuro Gracias por todo un abrazo.

cool david said...

I have a request to make to Google, whose motto "Dont be evil" should also say "we do not tolerate evil". Most of Google's products are open but pls scrutinize them so that there is nothing evil like pornography involved. I just read Google news n found there is a app called mikandi which is a adult app for Android. kindly do not allow evil. Let Google stay pure always.

sc_rch said...


"dear google - please be apple

thank you"


James Manalu said...

My idea for Google Images is To make it match between right time and condition of images; such as : On Monday, Present Full of brightness day of images.

ethenjones said...

How and when will our suggestions for gogole images be answered? Voting is closed after all.

Irwin said...

Do scientific identification of plant/animal species from submitted pictures (live or fossils). Provide search results with known geographical locations (indicate endangered/extinct status etc. as applicable) and also update the database if new gps location is provided.

McAllister said...

I have an idea for Android and iPhone. Very cool, and I have an idea to the tv comercial...too.I want to tell it someone with authority in Google Brazil Division. I dont't speak english Please let me know to whom I can talk to.

Andre Bitelli

dj_emery said...

My idea, Im just lookin to buy a new car. I would like to be able to select a car from a list down to the individual model and look at a animated 360 degree view of the car that i can rotate and flip how i want and the same for the inside. Also a series of photograhpy shots. Then from a seperate tab be able to see specification, cost, and a ratings bar for safety, peformance and practicality. Maybe even a Pros and Cons list for any common problems for the car. Then also be able to compare it with other cars.

think that would be very usful and it doesent even have to stop with cars. You could do it for alot of things, pretty much anything you can buy.

like vitual shopping, i mean its nice to find out abit about what you want to buy before you get to the shop so your not taken in buy all the sales jargen and end up buying the wrong thing.


Christophe said...

Be good if we could add several buttons in search options so that we could filter images with dimensions that are

- exact squares
- almost squares
- portrait images
- landscape images
- images with the golden ratio etc.

Rich said...

In response to Christopher
- exact squares
- almost squares
- portrait images
- landscape images
- images with the golden ratio etc.

Yes it would but your parameters would not calculate because of the way cropping works. You would be better off selecting dimensions such as 4x6" or aspect ratios such as 1x1.5 or the like. Here's a very short read on this as it relates to printing a photo:

Tom P. said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Tom P. said...

A major improvement to both Google Image Search and Google News would be to have some integration between the two sites.

First, I'll make the case for the change to Google Image Search. Similar to how dispays trends of currently popular content, it would be nice to see some kind of trends displayed at, with a selection of topical categories, each filled with pictures covering the topic in question. The most straightforward way to do this I can think of is to simply let the categories be the current topics on Google News, with pictures from newspapers and blogs/photo sites associated with the topics displayed within. I would see this displayed below the image search area, labeled as "Google News In Images", or something of the sort, separated from the search area with a divider. In this area, the different Google News sections would each have a single horizontal row of representative thumbnails and headline-format links to the topical image results below. There could be some personalization options offered to toggle the Google News sections to be displayed, along with the number of images from each section.

Next, to Google News, I would suggest the following simple addition. Currently, news topics have a featured Youtube link for a popular video on the topic. Next to this, there should also be a link to the story covered at, to quickly browse the images associated with a news topic.

Both of these feature requests are inspired by my extensive use of Google News on my iPhone, often wishing I could conveniently browse a topic in images, which I will claim to be the most effective way to quickly get a feel for the event taking place, with no supporting evidence whatsoever. The idea struck me as I was just reading about the devastating earthquake in Haiti on Google News, and wishing I could browse a collection of the most relevant images covering the story, allowing me to wrap my head around the nature of the event in a way the current Google News coverage can't do very well.

My occasional use of Google Image Search has also left me wishing for something to tie that site together, and some content associated with Google News, where you've already done the hard work of determining ultra-current trends in topics guaranteed to be popular (since they're getting media coverage), seems like just the ticket.

Thank you for your attention, and for these great products I use every day.

Anonymous said...

Let me set permissions per image. If I had a second, it would be to let me add images to any number of albums. These two things keep me using Flickr for the indefinite future.

Ed. said...

Some big web portal needs to team up with all of the local newspaper websites across the country so our ..for instance...Google Password and Users ID... get us into our local paper's website. Every doggone paper across the country makes you have a unique username and password to read their stuff and it gets stupid to have 27 logins just to read news.

Mikko said...

I would like to have a business tool to google search, that would help people to make reservations (hotels, events, etc) and share payments to e-shops in google wawe, facebook, etc. -social media applications. This tool would be a great value for small restaurants, movie theathers, ...
Imagine for example a birthday party planning with your friends. Send invites, collect shared payment directly to the e-shop, for the gift. Make reservation to your favorite restaurant with vote of the Menu. And all this without the chaos of normal planning.

veniamin said...

I'm owning an invention (patent application) that would benefit Google in area of mobile phones (in/out building navigation),
who should I contact?

I'm Israel citizen, therefore I will glad to meet Google official in Israel.

Thank you in advance,
Benjamin Imanilov

Pekka said...

Currently there's some major issues at least from where I log in to Google images;
First, people have uploaded massive amounts of porn there - Anything with "Asian office", "Thai office" and similar searches just totally stopped my computer from loading as there's some kind of virus attacking your computer that messes your ip-address.
I would make up a program that protects users from being under this kind of attacks while searching for pictures.
Secondly, I would develop means against this kind of vandalism by putting report [X] system next to each picture. Hunting down individually each "wrong picture" is impossible task, but vigilante users would respect this kind of possibility.

Brendan said...

I think it would be a good idea to be able to block the google mobile app with a password

François said...

Here's where I need to post this: please do NOT do fuzzy searches by default, or you will become the worst search engine ever.

Sincerely, it's always better if you get "no results" as an answer, than if you get plenty of wrong results.

In the first event, the user can try other keywords, and it's ok if there's a button or a link to click for more suggestions. In the second event, the user becomes very upset, curses the engine, then quits the search.

If you analyze this behaviour on the search engine side, you may believe that "ok no more clicks, it means that the user is happy with the results" but it's simply wrong.

Additionally, I know that I can use the minus sign to forbid the wrong word which Google Images provides results for instead of the right word I am sending a request for. But sincerely, it's counter-productive.

So, why not simply providing the right answer to the right question?
Thank you.

François said...

Additional info on myself: I'm an expert power user of search engines since 1995. I've authored studies and published dozens of articles on search engines in official press, including an interview of Google co-founder Sergey Brin (yes, true). I've published internal intelligence reviews on new technologies such as search engines for a Global 2000 company, and I've also worked in identifying tens of business opportunities for two European vendors of corporate information retrieval software. Thus, I believe that I can be trusted when I say please do NOT do fuzzy searches by default.
Seriously, you shouldn't.

warhound360 said...

I've owned an iPhone for quite some time now, and I recently tried Google Goggles on an HTC Evo 4g in a Sprint store. I was thinking if you guys could put that app on the iPhone app store.

Shad said...

You know how you have the tabs up at the top of gmail that give you quick assess to docs and calender. I don't have one for Google voice. It would be great if that was customizable of if Google detected which ones you used most frequently and put them there for you automatically. Maybe I'm just missing something. Anyway thanks for all the awesome and free products and the hard work behind them.

(My life integrated by Google)

Anonymous said...

Here's a suggestion... stop "fixing" image search.

visit the forums and answer all those users who want to have to old version back. Not the "old version" which your "thoughtfully" allow us to "revert" back to at the bottom of the image search page. The OLD version which allowed users to click on the image or click on the link below without having to go through 4 different steps in order to do what we want to do.

But that would be "simple" and "helpful" and actually make users "happy" which is something that doesn't occur to designers with their heads up their asses, does it.

AP said...


Add background image to Google Image & Video search (similar to page -> bottom right).

I use background image feature for but it is not carried over to Google Image search and Google Video search page. Please add.