Introducing: Product Ideas for Google Sidewiki!

Monday, September 28, 2009 | 2:24 PM

When we were developing Google Sidewiki, we knew that we wanted to make a Product Ideas page available as soon as the feature launched.

That's why we now launched several Sidewiki topics on Product Ideas to solicit your thoughts around how to improve Sidewiki.

Be assured that we always take your feedback to heart, and we will use your feedback to help drive innovation and make Sidewiki the best service it can possibly be. While we won't necessarily answer or implement every idea, we'll check in to let you know what we've decided.

Don't wait too long; we will be closing this series to new questions and votes on October 12, 2009. Visit Product Ideas for Google Sidewiki.


titus_a said...

Add product ideas for calendar please and thank you.

Austin said...

product ideas are closed but... I would like Sidewiki to have tabs so I could read/write comments from/to Stumble, reddit, digg, etc...

Dennis Daniels said...

I constantly get : Error parsing response

All many of the Product Ideas pages including for Sidewiki.