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Tuesday, May 10, 2011 | 2:36 PM

Thanks to everyone who has been a loyal reader of this blog. After some consideration, we recognize that we're not generating enough content here to warrant your time, so we won't be posting here any longer. We encourage you to visit the Product Ideas page at http://www.google.com/productideas to leave your feedback for Google Groups.

Lasse Wassermann, The Product Ideas team


pdelong said...

It seems a waste that Google Moderator / ProductIdeas is not used as the engine behind the feedback system for all (or more, at any rate) of Google's products. Currently, feedback mechanisms are inconsistent across product offerings, if they are even possible to find.

TOMHTML said...

I agree with previous comment.

Lars said...

It would be nice if Google Product Ideas worked as it should. My votes, My Ideas, Search and All Ideas are not working.

neor said...

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Ryan said...

The linked to page doesn't do anything. There are only links for the docs, youtube, and groups... what are we missing?

itsinthedetail said...

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Superg05 said...

dear Google buy this company will be great for android

300 percent improvement

Zulmy said...

Hi google.
My name is Zulmy from Indonesia. Actually i have several innovative ideas suddenly came up on my mind. I think i should share it to all over the world.
I found google has a avery stong infrastructure on tech, so hope it's not that hard to you to fulfill my ideas.
I work as operational risk analytics since early 2011. When I was in high school i imagine that in the future there will be sort of ensiklopedia that can help people to learn anything. and I know thank God there is Wikipedia.
This year, I see a very tremendous insignificant work in my life (and i guess to others as well). In many countries that have traffic problem like Jakarta, Bangkok, Mexico, and many other countries, you time is really a great asset. You will find that you life is on fast forward mode, you face next weekend tomorrow and it is a nightmare for me.
I think if you can build a platform like Skype (or perhaps you can build the venture with them), who can accomodate people not necessarily to go to the office (anymore). They just login in the morning, meet their peers on the platform, send the file to their boss and meet the client (from another platform) effectively.
The platform is such as this:
(you can build GoogleWork for Office, GoogleUni for University/School, GoogleBank for Bank Activities),

Google has an ID -> they login into the platform (server in the office) -> you have profile and you can do your activities on the platform.

It is really a massive project, but for the commerce side has great prospects since many procedural-typed office work need this platform.

Thank you very much for your attention.

B. said...

Well, this seems as good a place as any to cast an idea out. (I've had a similar problem with the seeming pittance of options on the Product Ideas page...

I would like Google engineers to consider creating and developing Google "Debate". You can browse the web or watch the "news" for 5 minutes (or less) and find that civilization has a crippling problem with [mis]information. Issues with broad, factual support (like global warming or evolution, among many others) are still "debated", I believe because we don't boil the arguments down to concise, logical, easy-to-follow threads. Instead, someone says a plausible falsehood today, and it's explored and exposed days or weeks later, and you may not find out. It goes back and forth, discretely, inhibiting our ability to connect and settle things.

We could solve this if there were a central point for addressing the facts and logic about critical, human issues (climate change, healthcare reform, education reform, economics, national security, on and on). There would be no "I heard this isn't true. It' sounds out there." There could (should) be provisions for establishing legitimate contributors and commentators, and the result could be truly revolutionary. Right now, we may have a Fox News or some congressman claim we have the worst deficit in 150 years, or that climate change is still 50-50; imagine if someone could simply say "that was virtually settled on Google Debates 2 years ago"?

There would be a clear logic thread and commentator-expounding of important points, with cited, archived (no dead links!) sources, so the result would put glib doubters to shame. Points deemed poorly-supported or inaccurate could be amended, flagged, or deleted (with transparency). Government and private executives would be encouraged to directly participate in standing behind the statements they make (or endure public criticism for balking). I sincerely believe such an idea could help to rescue our civilization from mind-numbing wheel-spinning brought on by unscrupulous misinformation that seems so pervasive.

If there was something already successfully addressing this issue, we wouldn't still have people wondering why the economy went south, or why our foreign policies aren't that great, or what's really wrong with "Obamacare" (if anything), or why the US lags behind the rest of the world in key educational benchmarks.

We need something straightforward, easy to understand, and authoritative. This can work. Please, please consider it.

Richard Ferstandig said...

I think Google GPS would be better if (where available) streetview was used instead of maps. At night a left turn may be required and you cannot always see where to make the left turn. With streetview a daytime picture of that area would be shown with an arrow on where to turn. I hope you use my idea!

Rajesh Mahato said...

Dear Googlean,

Congratulations “Big G” on officially becoming a teenager.
Due to Google world or universe become very small and capture most of things within a second. Thanks each and every person creating such wonderful tools and gift to entire world.

My personal idea is that can you create a special “Kids” section in Menu Bar. The Kids Section contains drawing (simple modeling tools), reading (unable read those kids), listening, writing, recording, visual education system. According to me if you want to more powerful in internet world then create “Kids” section. Example
Whatever children learnt in childhood days that never ever forget in the entire life.
So, long-term purpose it will give you great success and it will grow faster at begin of kids life.

Rajesh Mahato

http://www.halffry.com said...

Agreed to Superg05. By the way great blog. Thanks.

Rakesh.R said...

I would like to share some ideas with Google. It is some what related to social networking. I think it is a good way to make traffic.

Dave said...

Anyway, Google's biggest problem at the moment is Facebook, and how do you get users to move to Google+. E-learning environments are used in schools and universities the world over, and frankly the current tools that I've used have been awful. Since students HAVE to use these environments to find out about lecture timetables, share information etc., then offering a free first-rate e-learning tool is a perfect way to get students using Google+ and sharing information on it.

When I think about all the projects I've written, it would've been great to have had a system that really was user-friendly, in which we could share documents, ideas and have discussions, as well as some fun stuff. It seems clear to me that if you get millions of students actively using Google+ at school, then they're much more likely to keep using it when they've finished.

You're welcome ;-)

Eugene said...

Hello Google team!
Just wanted to suggest a good substitute for finger-gesture screen unlock, that is "patented" (ha-ha) by Apple.
First of all, most of screens for now are capasitive, and probability of accidental reaction in a pocket, case or bag tends to zero (so that, unlock becames meaningless and rudimentary).
Second, there are lots of sensor even in budget models (proximity, accelerometer, light...) - that can be used to understand, if your phone is inside a bag or pocket.

So, just use this approach for auto-unlock decision: orientation of the phone must be *typical*, proximity sensor should not see something in 5-10mm, multitouch mustn't sense dispersed touches (like it should be in pocket or case).
That's all!

earnmoneyonline said...

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earnmoneyonline said...

hello google, i tried to search for contact email to contact you. i want to share new ideas in order to improve your social networking websites like google plus, orkut to increase its users and compete with the now leading facebook. please contact me. my email id is sathish.sullia@gmail.com. waiting for your response.

J said...

It would be great if you could create a button to migrate from facebook to google +. I think you have such a better product, and facebook is stagnating...it's just mostly an issue of moving all of my stuff...and then convincing all of my friends to move their stuff to your platform. I'm sure it could be a legal shit storm (nice, I know), but it would be fantastic.

Bill Hung said...

I went to the google product idea page, but didn't see google+ listed. So I am going to post my idea here.
We need a minus button in addition to the plus button on google+ Just take a look at obama's google+ page, and image how nice it will be if the minus button is there to hide those meaningless comments.

L i f e w a y said...

My name is Mr. Suthee Tantipattarapakorn, from Thailand.

Eighteen years ago, I thought, when the computer have drive A, B and C, which can store a lot of data. Therefore students should have a small computer similar as a book that can be portable Instead of scheduling classes and carrying many books to school. And imagination, it is a tablet that students held to schools today.

Two years later, I thought, "If this world has the car driven by a computer that would be nice. Can setting on the path and obstacle. Do not need by human driving and have a computer driving instead. Unbelievable that my childhood fantasy was become a reality materialistic today.

Three years later, I imagine that the computer will be able to send faxes and letter. Do not have to waste a fax cross-country or a fax machine. In a few years later have access to the Internet in everyday life and computer can receive faxes, send faxes.

This is just example that reinforces confidence to know that Imagination leads to innovation is useful to people. It can also be used to create the wealth. If we persist in imagining commitment and make it materialistic.

Four years ago, I had a fantasy about the development of software systems that are able to make materialistic. Preliminary surveys have not detected the system currently in use. If development of such systems successfully, It can be Google product. I am confident that this system or product is beneficial to the people and society. It would be great if Google create software and system or product.

Contact : Mr. Suthee Tantipattarapakorn | Email : Lifeway75@gmail.com

Johnnny Two-Tone said...

ALL I'm Saying, You guys at google should create Google Chef. you could search for recipes online and search for fresh markets/produce markets, among other things Culinary-related.
If it happens, all I want is to see it on google, because finding good recipes are hard!

Ashok Kumar said...

i am having some of the ideas to improve the google search
instead of giving the location based Ads the the users ,you can give the ADS based on the people's age .ie when a user sign in into a google account ,search engine will have to give the ADS based on the age-s . If a person is between the age of18-25. he will mostly search for the books,chatting rooms ,and some entertainment .and if a person is between 25-35 he/she will search for the jobs and matrimony am=nd the otheritems
my email id is ashokkumar01cbe@gmail.com if a google person will contact me means i will briefly explain my idea .i love GOOGLE.and i am preparing for a life at google because i am computer science enginnering student . and i want a life at google

Karine Robillard said...

It could be great to see on google map an estimation of taxi costs. it could be useful.

Girish said...

Please add a link to submit product idea from the general public.. which may O'couse be great savings for Google.

kartheeka bandlamudi said...

Hi Google Team,
I want to share some Idea.Generally For SMS Like Way2sms.com .We can Give Date and Time also.If You want to send after two days at Night 12:00 am.why there is no Option for gmail.We can add that functionality for Mail Also.I felt This is Good Idea.Thanks To All.


Cody Greggs said...

Hey Google team, I have a idea that could put imessage in the grave. The idea will make texting easier and allot more fun and will give each Android user their own personal experience when using it. Not the same basic apple ideas.

Cody Greggs said...

I did not see this until after my post..... Great minds thinking alike?

Nelson Wong said...

Hi Google Team,

Many people may find that it is difficult to use Android phone when standing in any public transport apartment if the screens are too big for one hand.

I have a suggestion that Google Team could develop "One-hand display" Mode for Android. The idea is, by just clicking a button, the display will be minimized to a size that is suitable for one hand using, this will bring more convenience to our life, please consider.

Clayton Hall said...

Our office gave up outlook in order to switch to google apps for business.
It was marketed to us as a good office replacement for BUSINESS
The biggest annoyance is the limited functionality within certain apps.
3 things i would very much appreciate is for
1. Table support in gmail. (real table support, we need to be able to add snippets and small grids within emails without having to attach a whole other document. Our customers don't have Gmail.)

2. Time/Date pickers in forms

3. ability to position the questions on forms (maybe align them to a grid, but that straight down the page thing makes is annoying.)

matthewwheatley said...

Integrate Bloople into google maps for android. Its available on iPhone.

Boudewijn G said...

As a business model Google must be interested in having as many people possible online, at any given time.
In this respect the Chromebook Pixel does not contribute at all. A restricted Chrome OS and being forced to spend most of the time in a cloud do not create new users.
If Google wants more exposure towards new users they should look into the internet-provider marked.
For most users this is a considerable monthly cost - lower prices in a more competitive marked will create a lot of new customers.
It should be the logical thing to do for this big-sized company, taking care of their users right from the start.

Girish said...

Hi There, Recently since my android phone battery was low, it got switched off. I was travelling and i had to call a person. The only option i had was use my spouse phone, whcih is Nokia (not so high-end). I tried logging in to the internet and could only access mails but not g-contacts. I did not want to perform G-sync, as i only needed 1 contact number. I was wondering, if Google could release Google contacts app to other brand phones, i could have easily logged-in and logged out after noting the number. I felt a very dire need as such situations are usual. By providing such app, users reliability on Google would be stronger and help build a strong affinity to the brand.

Girish D N

Sammy60 said...

I am the owner of a company that manufactures locating equipment for finding underground utilities. Water, power, sewer, storm water, etc. Google has done a wonderful job of mapping the surface and the ocean bottom. What is next? What about a mapping system for underground utilities. There is currently no way to tell, without using locating equipment to locate utilities. If it has been located once, why can I not look up on Google maps and find out the location and depth of the utilities on the street I will be working on? I have more details about how this could be done if your interested.

Larry Smith
Prototek Corp.

chintu mishra said...

I have an inovative idea.i want to share this idea to google.
this idea is 100% profidable.
Kindly contact me.
name-chiranjit mishra
+91 8895448130

Waiting for your call

elmojh said...

Same here, I also got great ideas for google. please contact me as well, (909) 575-8298

The Great USA! said...

Dear Mr. Tutankpitter-patter-popkorn,

In reviewing your article we find you are a very intelligent human being. Your ideas are bright. However your name is too darn long and crazy sounding to the western world. Please come back in another life with a shorter much cooler sounding name. Think: Brad Pitt or Stony McBlue, yes there you go... Go on. Go on now! We told you we can't use you and we can't help you. I know you have problems but we have troubles of our own. Back on your raft! Get! Shoo!

The Great USA! said...

Then go back to North Korea and enjoy your life there!

The Great USA! said...

Yeah... "Google Chef"... Back to Taco Bell for you Wolfgang.

The Great USA! said...

Hi Ashokumaretc.etc.,
I hate to be the bearer of bad news...but. There just isn't any more room for brown people at Google. Yes were real sorry. Ya know maybe something in food services or perhaps landscaping, oh you said you have some schooling. Did ya go to college in the US? No? Oh the Supreme Greatest University of Calcutta? Yes, no those credits are nontransferable. Sorry. Try Cuba, or perhaps one of those "echean" countries. They can probably find ya something. Okay. Bu-bye...

The Great USA! said...

Are you freaking retarded? How many times ya need to take a freaking taxi in your life? Once maybe when your first boyfriend leaves you at the movies. Maybe a second time when your therapist says you shouldn't drive. Okay at the most three times if, and its a big if, IF you do find a boyfriend but her name is Pat and when you snuck a peek inside her pocketbook you saw something that scared ya. Otherwise: Stupid Idea™

The Great USA! said...


The Great USA! said...

Please. Both of you. Don't ever write down what you're thinking again.

The Great USA! said...

Cody? Your a clown. People don't text when they're in their graves. Their dead. The don't have their devices.

Naveen Tulabandula said...

gmail doesn't support search with Attachment name. It will be very helpful if it can add that feature

Naveen Tulabandula said...

gmail doesn't support search with attachment name. It will be very helpful if it supports this feature.

Mª de la Trinidad Arranz Casado said...

I have got two possible development from Google but I don`t know which is the email where I must drive they.

Naveen Tulabandula said...

Is this a generic comment or addressed to me specifically ?....what are the 2 developments from google ?

Natalia T Coe said...

It would be useful to be able to do a google search of excel spreadsheets for getting data off the web.
Just as you can now filter: "images", "video", "maps", it would be useful to be able to filter "spreadsheets".

al petraske said...

Hello to anyone at google who sees this post

I believe I have an amazing idea for the upcoming Google Glass product that you are creating.

If a user were to say out loud "Gogle Glass Jif/Gif that" and it immediately started to record through the camera what it was seeing for a set amount of time based upon the user, that would be quite popular with a younger audience, and it would be another gimmick for the product that no other product has.

Thank you if you read my entire idea.

Sean Durham said...

I think that the Google Glass would be very helpful to Law Enforcement Agencies across the world who can use it to help them be safer on the job.

Google Glass can have a large impact to help Police receive information on them instead of having to keep track of the internal vehicle laptop or have to contact their Dispatch for updates on developing situations they are responding to; or to have them have information on an individual sent to them and be seen on the Google Glass so they know who they are dealing with safely and immediately. This system will also help with recording situations to help with any Court proceedings so they will have the whole situation at their fingertips without anyone to argue about what really happened.

In essence this system can help Police in court and help the public with knowing that every single officer will be accountable for every action they make and every call is the best one.

Josh Cooley said...

A sleek set of headphones that has an advanced camera, hearing advance, and high db level interrupter(shooters ear) and still play music. They also have voice command and a removable pair of "Google glasses" that plug into them to relieve the pressure on the nose. This setup will have all of the advances of the glasses including facial recognition. you will also be able to zoom your vision via hd camera to both sides of the glasses. this will also have a record option for a video recording of your experience. They obviously will also act as a blue tooth for your phone as well allowing live video with facetime/Skype option so someone can view your experience live as well.

scartissue255 said...

A good idea (in spanish)


JEREMY said...

Google – The world needs a central database to store all copyright and non-copyright video ever taken. Every movie, TV show, sporting event ever played over the past 100 years. EVERYTHING. Maybe buy IMDB and link it with several copies of every video – 3D, Super HD, HD, Standard, Low. Pay per video quality and some free with ads displayed around the video. You could also create a “time machine” to select any day in the past 100 years and watch any news program or TV show that would have aired during that day. Say you select December 5, 1965 – You can see the network news for that day, late night talk, as well as any other TV show that would have a first run on that day. All at your fingertips, on demand, with info, ratings and comments. It would be extremely powerful. Obviously searchable and a great ad revenue stream.

A one stop shop for any video production of any kind, from any country, from any source, unfiltered.

In some ways, this project, like your scanning project, would help conserve world video history. It could even work in conjunction with the Library of congress.

I came up with this idea because I am tired of searching Amazon, pirate bay, etc looking for old copies of shows. Trying to save them, etc when this could all be in once place in the cloud for everyone to access.

Thanks for your time.

Adi_KOOL said...

"This is for the blinds by which they can be able to walk without fear . My idea is to develop a Guiding shoes which is controlled by a app on phone. These shoes will guide the path and help them to reach safely to there destination"

A guiding shoes synchronises with the a smartfone gps and advanced technology built in motion sensors and caliberations and navigations and camera at the toe of the shoe and the back to guide and see the forcoming things ven helping to avoid the pits on the streets and having the technology to know if the signals are green to cross the road or red to stop at the footpath till it becomes green.
Aaditya_singh, Delhi,India

kaodie ambursley said...

Hello team google my idea is for your chat or messenger app, the app is cool as is but i Would like the ability to translate both ways during a conversation with people from different country. For example if someone types something to me in there native language the text will appear to me in my language and if send a text to them they will get it in there language.

Adewale Iyanoye said...

I am an avid user of GPS devices and software and after using them for many years I had this idea that I think your company might be interested in:
Name of Device: SpeedIndeX
Purpose of Device: This Device is used to monitor speed and analyze the speeding habit of the driver.
How it works: This device uses existing feature of the regular GPS... the speed limit of the road vs. the speed of the vehicle. This feature is embodied in a small device plus more feature added. Features like color coding the screen to show if the driver is speeding: Green - Not speed, Yellow - Speeding within 5 mph over speed limit, and Red - Definitely over Speeding. Other feature will be a monitor that tracks average speeding status of the driver - Red is driver has been speeding, Yellow - Driver has been moderately over speeding, and Red - Driver has been definitely over speeding over the period of time the device has been tracking speed.
This device will use the same GPS satellites as regular GPS devices but will not have any direction features... It will be very small like 2 inch by 2 inch or smaller that can be posted by the vents, dashboard or somewhere on the front of the car and is constantly powered either by car cigar-lighter port or rechargeable battery. The role of the device is to monitor speed on any road with a posted speed limit. Also another feature apart from the Red-Yellow-Green status is a added feature that might warn the driver of over-speeding.
The intent is to have this device to be priced within the $20 price range so that everyone can purchase this device without thinking that they brought anything substantially expensive. I believe that at $20 a piece it would be a fantastic buy.
Also the device can be registered so that the user can pay a very low price (like $2) to upgrade the software on the device etc via USB.
I truly believe this can be done and marketed well. This device can help driver drive better, also it lets them know how well they are driving - speed wise on any road no matter if the speed limit is posted of not. It would be great for companies to monitor how well their drivers are doing. Parents can use it for their kids etc...
Also car manufacturers can incorporate the feature of this devices into their future models (i.e. make the speedometer lights change color from green-to-yellow-to-red depending on overspreading index) so this way the driver does not need to buy it separately.
If marketed well this device will do to GPS what twitter did to facebook.
If you like the idea, I would like to be a part of the development team (if possible). I just want to see one of my ideas come to life! :-)
Best regards,
Adewale Iyanoye

gypsyfunk said...

Hi Google,

My idea is an app that helps parents find their kids if they're lost. When I thought about it, the problem would be that a 3rd party could also find a child, which would be bad.

so, you modify a cell phone charger to be like a "smart charger," and it has several connector ports that connect to the phones you want charged and also to have the app, when the "parent" phone connects to the "child's" phone via the charger the smart charger creates a very very very long number as a password, and when the parent uses the app they are the only one's with the very very very long password, one so long even a brute force attack couldn't crack it, and so when the parent uses the app, which hopefully they'll never have to, the app connects to a satellite that finds their child. Every time the phones are connected to the charger a new password is created, that's basically random, so it would be very hard to break maybe. (I really don't know anything about computers.)

This could be useful if a child gets lost in the woods, and has their phone, but doesn't know any landmark to gauge where they are. Or if they're in a city and get lost. A parent could also check on a child using the app to find out where they are.

so that's my idea to find lost kids.

Donald Collins II said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

khushbu tiwari said...

Hi I have an idea to keep a tag line for google as "don't struggle just google"

kb96 said...

I think google shoul make a thing like Netflix. ..but add their name and make it better by adding things faster and updating. Newer movies and tv shows...that would be awesome.

സാധാരണക്കാരന്‍ said...

Hi, android team, a small idea which worth big, that is when we make mobile in silent it should ask the time period for silent mode...you can give option like 1 minut, 15 minut ... and permenent.
my name is Afsal

Malaabes .com said...


I do have a suggestion that would make life much more easier and accurate with search results which in many times, it does mislead to the correct search results!

For instance, i do search for 'Clothing OR Fashion Items For Men In A Specific Brand' on "Google Search: https://www.google.com", why don't you add a tool that can segregate "Men & Women" to the "Search Tools" as results for the above mentioned search term is always leading to both "Men & Women"... The reason behind is that the word "Women" includes the same letters as in "Men"!

So, I think that this will lead to more accurate search results! This can be measured also on different categories of search!

If you think that this IDEA/SUGGESTION is helpful, please let me know.

Look forward to hearing from you on both ends (Positively Or Negatively) as well.

P.S. I didn't find any contacts of GOOGLE to submit my idea/suggestion but here!


C Dub said...

I'm not sure this is the best place for me to put this,but I have, what I think to be, a great idea for Google to capitalize on both due to the catchy name I offer as a suggestion (puns seem to be popular in advertising) and the relevancy of the topic (it is ever-present). My suggestion is that Google should have a semi-independent search engine/forum/f.a.q. resource designed specifically for mothers. The idea is that it should be easy to approach and navigate (the main search engine can be so convoluted and, for the most part, irrelevant) with an emphasis on everything to do with childcare and motherhood and cover any relevant topic addressing all areas related to this subject both in and out of the womb and the service should be called "Google Ga Ga" or "Google GaGa" (while I'm sure this clarification isn't necessary, the name I suggest is a play on the baby-related phrase "Goo Goo Ga Ga"). Yeah, the name sounds silly but I am certain that it would be a hit. Let me know what you think.
- the3rdvariable@gmail.com

brandibn03 said...

Ok I have no idea what I am doing but here I go! My son is 12 years old and has been diagnosed with many differerent learning disabilities. By God's graces this boy is completely mind blowing when you watch him shoot out idea after idea that are amazing. He is a gamer, as are most children in this generation, and he has come up with a complete line of gaming products (name and all- I will be having the name and design he has made copyrighted soon). This includes gaming computers, gaming phones or portable devices, headphones, mouse, keyboard etc. I'm completely blown away at how brilliant he is but I would like him to have the opportunity to share this with someone that can help him. I know this would be amazing because I don't know a yield who's not literally addicted to either video games or computer games. Please someone help point me in the right location.

Radoslaw Juras said...

It would be great and usefull to see a a small share icon then splited for portals like facebook on just founded movies on youtube

Then u dont have click on the movie wich you already know,go to YT and share it . U can do it strait away...

idris iclek said...

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idris iclek said...

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idris iclek said...

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Shivang Trivedi said...

I had an idea for gmail, you guys can add a email timer, where the user can set a time and date, when the user want to send an email. Like user is outside and doesn't have Internet he can write his email and set the timer and the message will be sent at the given time...

FreeFighter said...


I have an idea for google that would compete with foursquare and facebook together. You would be able to make a useful app for it too. Please contact me at kevinvda@gmail.com

MegalithicBrain said...

I have an idea for YouTube. Currently 1000's of sites are basically radio only sites. But in order to do the audio, they must video edit in a picture and then save the whole thing out as a huge massive video file. YT is inundated with 1-2 GB essentially "audio" files with a photo stuck on them. YT could clean up its act by creating a new way to submit on Youtube that is not video. It would be a SLIDESHOW mode. You submit the audio first, and then YT asks for the photos you wish to attach. You select all the photos, and then YT asks where they should be placed in the timeline of the audio file. Then when a user clicks on that "video" they are shown the photo in full resolution and the audio plays in the background, while each photo advances as you programmed it in the YT Slideshow Creator. Then these radio shows can make much more compelling audio hours that only take up like 50 MB on YouTube and stream quickly and look beautiful, with no bandwidth issues. It would also make the videos impossible to download with Free Downloaders because there is no video to download. The audio could be downloaded, but without the photos, would not be as much fun. It would drive people back to YT to watch the radio broadcasts with the photos and they would see the advertising at the same time. WIN WIN! Plus your data centers would be reduced traffic wise from all the fake videos people are uploading which are really only people chatting for an hour set to a photo that has been turned into a huge wasteful video file.

MegalithicBrain said...

I have another idea for YT. This is called STITCH. STITCH allows users to grab 15-30 seconds of any video on YouTube and stitch them all together into a new story. Now downloading is required. What this is like is a Playlist where you are not play listing the whole video but a piece of that video that you need to tell the story. People are already downloading the whole video, then video editing the pieces back together and reuploading, this would save all of that noise by skipping that whole process. YT would do the stitching on its servers and create a whole new video. You could not monetize it unless all the pieces were from your own monetized works, but you could tell a story that you need to tell using clips from every source of YT. The original URL to the used YT source would be embedded in the video for each clip, making it easy for someone who sees an interesting clip to click over to that real video. Or we could click "save this clip for later" icon while viewing the content and it would quickly save the URL to the real video for later viewing. In this way, we could also advertise lots of videos inside of a single video, like "trailers" for videos anywhere on YT. People could watch these trailers and see a clip they must watch, that they never would have known was on YT any other way. It would also be like random watching, which I think YT needs anyway. A Random feature. For random video watching, but that's another post. Once all the clips you need are stitched together, you can record an audio overlay with your voice and microphone over each clip, telling the story you wish to tell. Then you add some free YT music by selecting a song from the list YT provides in STITCH. And then you post your STITCH and everyone on YT rates it, those who are in good standing. You can earn praise and shout outs for a good stitch the same way others earn praise for creating an original video. The main idea is that you can tell a story using any source on YT and anyone can find that source while watching the STITCH, exposing people to more things on YT than they can find by doing searches. And it would be a way to use YT to do research and make points from the facts gathered across multiple video posts YT already has. Being able to concentrate an idea into a more salient point instead of inside a larger video people might now watch, is something very good. Look into this idea!

David Birch said...

Hi Google, I was watching back some of my videos from my holiday I shot on my Nexus 5 that Auto awesome had put together for me (thanks for that it's cool) and I thought although it's good it's not being used quite to it's full potential.

So I came to the conclusion Google should make a water proof action camera similar to GoPro that is high spec & competitively priced (like the Nexus brand) and ties in with Google photo/video backups, auto awesome and all of that good cloud stuff.

ranjangenious said...

I want to suggest google to make an extension service in google seaech engine like-true caller or indian caller info so that we
May be able to know about any phone number by simply typing the number on the google.do it if possible thanx ranjan gopal-9097043293

Unknown said...

I came up with an idea for a bluetooth headset/headphones. One ear piece could have some sort of volume control slider and the other would have a microphone. It would be able to take calls and read out notifications from your phone. This already exists, but the idea I had was to also add the "ok Google" feature to it. If you were ever curious about something but didn't feel like opening your phone to search out ask you would have to do I'd say "ok Google"and ask your question. I've always found it annoying to have to open my phone to ask a question. I'm probably just lazy. But I think this would be a huge convenience to have Google always listening. And it would connect to your phone so the headphones wouldn't have to connect to Google or anything by themselves. The only problem I could imagine with this I'd the battery. I'm not sure how much power the microphone would use if it were constantly on. One way around this is to have a button on one of the ear pieces that turns on the microphone. In that case you wouldn't have to say "ok Google". The button would tell it to listen for your request. This was my original idea and I would be incredibly happy if this idea became a reality. However why stop at this? It would be really useful if home automaton was incorporated as well. Right now I have Amazon echo controlling my lights, but if I wanted to turn my lights off from another room or spreaders out of echos hearing range I didn't be able to control them with my voice. But since the mic would always be with me I could do that from anywhere. I was also thinking about other devices such as tvs or computers. For computers there could be an app or something that you could download which could add voice commands to it. For tvs there could be maybe a usb or hdmi device that plugs in giving it voice commands. Other devices could also have something that gives then voice commands. All of this would be done through and app on your phone that takes the commands from the headphones and acts accordingly. This could also work with already existing Google things. For example it could be a voice remote for chromecast. Or it could read you ebooks from the play store. You could use it as a gps while driving. And of course it would still be able to control things on your phone just like google does now. It would be like a music playing personal assistant that's always with you.

Unknown said...

As now days landline telephone are not in fashion . I think that if our smartphone r connected with the landline through some connection then we don t have to dial the numbers on landline and automatically we can just dial and can talk with others .This is a possible idea that we can make it with the help of u so that the landline phones are back in homes .

Mr nice guy said...


kevin shirley said...

you need to take you to take the youtube upnext feature and be able to move it into the new bar.... so if you find a song u like you just click and grab the file upto the upnext spot thank u chisslers

kevin shirley said...

us drinkers dont have 3 mins to waste when we could be grabbin ass chissler

Rodrigo Maldonado Cisterna said...

I'd like gmail to have the option to download multiple attached files in different emails at the same time.

Example: Lets say I receive my payslip every month on my gmail account and for any reason I need to download all the payslips of the year. Right now, I have to open every email and download the attached file(s) instead of just selecting all the payslip emails and click somewhere to download all the attached files to those emails.

Steven Webb said...

I need to speak to someone in Google as I have an idea that could be bigger than Facebook is or twitter or anything else on the internet. I believe every person on the planet with a smartphone will want it. I'm interested in selling the idea completely as have no wish for the publicity and the attention that something so huge will bring. Please can someone tell me how I go about this. My email address is stevewebbb1974@hotmail.co.uk Thanks

Steven Webb said...

I need to speak to someone in Google as I have an idea that could be bigger than Facebook is or twitter or anything else on the internet. I believe every person on the planet with a smartphone will want it. I'm interested in selling the idea completely as have no wish for the publicity and the attention that something so huge will bring. Please can someone tell me how I go about this. My email address is stevewebbb1974@hotmail.co.uk Thanks

Steven Webb said...

I need to speak to someone in Google as I have an idea that could be bigger than Facebook is or twitter or anything else on the internet. I believe every person on the planet with a smartphone will want it. I'm interested in selling the idea completely as have no wish for the publicity and the attention that something so huge will bring. Please can someone tell me how I go about this. My email address is stevewebbb1974@hotmail.co.uk Thanks

Steven Webb said...

I need to speak to someone in Google as I have an idea that could be bigger than Facebook is or twitter or anything else on the internet. I believe every person on the planet with a smartphone will want it. I'm interested in selling the idea completely as have no wish for the publicity and the attention that something so huge will bring. Please can someone tell me how I go about this. My email address is stevewebbb1974@hotmail.co.uk Thanks

Steven Webb said...

I need to speak to someone in Google as I have an idea that could be bigger than Facebook is or twitter or anything else on the internet. I believe every person on the planet with a smartphone will want it. I'm interested in selling the idea completely as have no wish for the publicity and the attention that something so huge will bring. Please can someone tell me how I go about this. My email address is stevewebbb1974@hotmail.co.uk Thanks

Adrian Shanley said...

How about the biggest Treasure hunt using Google Street view. Superimposing clues on the current street view across the whole world to find the treasure. no planning required for the clues and everyone would join in the hunt. revenue derived from advertisements also superimposed on neighbouring buildings of land marks along the treasure route?


mani said...

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max said...

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Manni Naderifard said...

We google translate we already have the possibility to use live translation of text. Can google not use the same artificial intelligence create an app for live currency converter. For example: you focus your camera on a price tag of € 100 and you will see on your phone £ 90,32.

Hope this idea will be usefull for your development team.

Kind regards,

Manni Naderifard

Sinan Eldem said...

Do you plan to add Location information to contacts? It would be nice if we could store the address(es) of our contacts. Thank you.

sarang said...

Create a 3d modeling software with an integrated Vr technology AND combining it with speech recognition (like siri or cortana) such that while creating one stuff from joystick we can also give instructions using speech enabling us to create more than one thing at a particular time. for e.g. while setting dimensions of a table using my joystick i can also speak to the software to change the texture of wall 3 i may have made earlier.
P.S.- I am not too rich, just want this free for my company.

Aritra Kunda said...

My idea is to integrate a new feature in google assistant,like if it would had some kind of emotion thing which can be like it would not answer for quite a few seconds if someone said abusive words to it.If the google team add this feature that would be great.And please if they could change the google assistant name like yelena or prometheus taken from nova universe

Neelappa Bingi said...

Hello Google Team,
This idea about "Finding the surrounding people numbers"
If I'm staying out of home & something wrong happens at home they are trying to contact me but my mobile was not reachable but using a app we can take the surrounding contact number by using recent dials and network area.
Hope I get a +ve replay
Thanks and Regards,
Neelappa Bingi(+919731757276)

MyNameIs Sakr said...

Hi guys,

My idea is to use the "CC" or the Subtitle to detect and store the people speech or the conversation in any video to search inside the video content it self, I have learned a lot from videos that has different name or title than it's content, this will help you improve your YouTube search engine a lot.
This will help the video producer to say what ever he wants to say and to be find by a very specific words using the transcript.

Imagine the magazine that is looking for a 30 years old for one of the politicians and they can't remember the date and they don't know the source to get it from, they could have some words from this speech and use it to find the video.

The application of this idea is huge, I hope that someone from Google is reading this and to give his feedback.

Thanks a lot.

Lim Enoch said...

Hi Google,

Good day!

Please allow me to share my idea which is have a dedicated auto scrolling up/down button integrated at Chrome, so users can read any long long page without need to do mouse scrolling or dragging because that causes screen jerking and bad for eyes. This feature must come together with the flexibility to let users to set the scrolling speed.

I hope you will like my idea. thank you! May God bless you!

Lim Yeok Sang

Gekko Llama said...

lim enoch...this is what the up & down arrows on the keyboard are for. It will require some manual intervention...

Gekko Llama said...


My idea would be to have the functionality in Chrome to export the URLs of any open tabs to a text file of any sort so you can reference them later. Another way to look at this same ability would be to have the ability to save or export browser sessions that you can load from any location your signed in.

Both of these functions would be a means of making browsing more mobile, while at the same time making it very fluid in the sense of being able to get back to what you were doing if yoou have to up and go somewhere in the middle of researching...and you could call it Google Go --> (theres an idea & a name :D)

Rahul Bambale said...

i am rahul and i am from india. if i develop android application and suppose i want to share this application idea to google app developers,than how to direct contact google developers team.pls suggest me sir.

Sonia Sonu said...

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Aronno Anindo said...

My Idea to beat Facebook:
An updated version of social networking to beat Facebook. People can build/buy their home and there will be park or restaurants, meeting places, museum etc. in the virtual world. When people log in they will be at their home first as a virtual person (there body image will be taken by 3-D image scanner) and they are then permitted to wear dresses (there will be an wardrobe for their dresses (virtual). They can invite their friend where ever they want like in a virtual park and talk or dance or have other experiences in virtual world. A headset can provide the background music, or sound or other feelings like cold or heat or satisfaction etc. Its a virtual life with real life experience and feelings.